KEEP BT LOCAL Co-op Membership Form

Co-op Membership Process:
  1. Become a member today by filling out the below form, and
  2. Make a membership payment. (for use towards startup costs)
  3. Participate in member meetings and the upcoming Board of Directors election.

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In order to enter into serious negotiations with the City of Burlington to purchase the assets of Burlington Telecom, we are aiming to raise $500,000 in member equity and loan pledges. To accomplish this goal, we need 1,000 Vermonters who are interested in retaining local control of our fiber network to pledge $250 (or more) towards the purchase of a share of the new Co-op. Please fill out this form to add your name and resources to our initiative.
Only enter if you're pledging on behalf of your business. Note: minimum pledge increases to $500.

Privacy Statement: The contact details you provide will only be used in the furtherance of a community based Broadband Co-operative and will not be shared with any outside parties.

Member Equity Pledge

Min. $250 / $500 for businesses. Because this is a start-up, a lump sum payment is strongly preferred. However, if a single payment is beyond your means, you may elect to pay your pledge in installments of at least $25/month.

By checking here, I affirm I am a resident of Vermont. I understand the new broadband cooperative will not bill for memberships until it has been legally incorporated and the duly elected board of directors decides to call in the pledges. I have the right to decide NOT to become a member at that time even though I have made this pledge.